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poc-solvers bundle Parent directory

If you do not have the poc-solvers repository

If you do not have hg

Install the mercurial package before reading further!

Create a poc-solvers repository

Create a directory. You should not have any directory or file whose name contains poc-solver in the parent directory.

Then, inside this new and empty directory, run:
hg init
to create the poc-solvers repository.

Download the relevant bundles

If you do not have lftp

Download the following file in the parent directory of your repository : poc-solvers.hg_bundle

If you have lftp

You can run this command from your repository to download everything :
lftp -c 'lcd ..;cd;mirror -I poc-solvers.hg_bundle'

Update your poc-solvers repository

hg unbundle -u ../poc-solvers.hg_bundle

Dependencies and compilation instructions

are all in the README